Fourteen-Year-Old Boy Killed in Minnesota Crash on Family Cross-Country Trip

Fourteen-Year-Old Boy Killed in Minnesota Crash on Family Cross-Country Trip On Tuesday, August 2, 14-year-old Daniel Davis was killed in an SUV crash in Minnesota, on Interstate 90. His three siblings, Amena, Cedric and Seth were all declared to be in critical condition. The Davis family, which lives in Pitcherville Road in Hubbardston, Massachusetts, was on a cross country trip, reports New England Cable News. They left for the trip late the week before.

Their mother, driving the SUV, crashed around four in the morning. Minnesota State Police announced that Daniel and the siblings, all critically injured, weren’t wearing seat belts. The mother was safely secured, along with siblings Joseph and Laura. The belted passengers were treated for minor injuries at the hospital, according to the news source.

Keloland, a local television affiliate, reported further details on August 2 about the crash. The mother, Pamela Roper, allegedly fell asleep at the wheel. Her car left the road, coasted through a ditch and then struck an embankment. Her son Daniel was ejected from the car and died at the scene.

Minnesota State Patrol Captain Brian West noted that the fatigue of the driver contributed to the crash, along with the fact that many weren’t wearing their seatbelts. He said, that a “majority of the crashes that occur in Minnesota that result in fatalities occur in rural Minnesota. So, even though we may not always have a lot of traffic, some people may think there’s no need for the belt because it appears to be safer roadways.”

He stressed that one should always wear a seatbelt to reduce chances of injuries and death, especially on the interstate, where drivers typically reach up to 70 miles an hour.

New England Cable News reported that on Wednesday night, friends and neighbors of the family in Hubbardston heard of the news. The family’s church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, was planning to gather to pray for the family on August 3.