Four Workers Killed in Construction Accident, Widows File Lawsuits

Four men killed in workplace accidentThe widows of the deceased brothers Joseph Kimmes III and Scott Kimmes have recently filed a lawsuit alleging that toxic substance exposure and general unsafe working conditions caused their husbands' deaths.

In 2007, the Kimmes brothers were working in a demolition landfill in the village of Superior, Minnesota, according to the Duluth News Tribune. The Kimmes and two other workers entered an underground pit with the intention of repairing a pump, but were allegedly exposed to toxic hydrogen sulfide gas, causing them to lose consciousness and fall into the pit. All four men died, according to the news source.

The Kimmes' brothers widows have named Midwest Boeing, Underground Inc., Ayres Associates and their respective insurance companies as defendants in the lawsuit, alleging that negligence in the construction and service work performed on the site led to the men's deaths. Midwest Boeing and Underground Inc. were allegedly responsible for service work at the site, whereas Ayres had collaborated on planning and designing the landfill, the news provider reports.

The widows seek an unspecified amount in damages and have requested a jury trial. 

The wives of the other two men who died in the incident filed lawsuits last year, reports the news source.