Four People Drown In New York Boating Accident

Four People Drown In New York Boating AccidentFour boaters were killed when the vessel they were riding in crashed into a concrete footing and sank in the Hudson River in New York on Sunday, July 10, United Press International reports.

According to the news source, Robert Macarthur, Jay J. Bins, Deena Cordero and John Uvino drowned in the waters and were pulled dead from the river, while two others on the boat, Joseph J. Vehnick and Jessica Hotaling, swam to the shore after sustaining serious injuries in the crash. Vehnick then called 911 for help at around 6:30 in the morning.

Police are currently investigating the accident, but have issued preliminary statements that the cause appears to be due to reckless operation, and that alcohol may have contributed to the crash. The driver of the boat at the time of impact has yet to be determined, the media outlet stated.

According to the U.S Coast Guard's Boating Safety Resource Center, there were 22 boating accidents in New York in which alcohol was a contributing factor to the crash in 2010, causing 4 fatalities and 21 injuries.