Four Dead After Accident on Interstate 10 North of Tucson

A big rig jumped a median on Interstate 10, resulting in four deaths.An accident in Arizona has resulted in the deaths of four people, according to reports, with the identities of the driver who allegedly caused the accident, along with the other three victims, released late last week.

The crash occurred on Thursday on Interstate 10 near Elroy, according to a report from The Arizona Daily Star. The crash resulted in the deaths of three Pittsburg, Texas natives, whom police identified as 46-year-old Derrick Bryan Reynolds, 42-year-old Wendy A. Reynolds and 20-year-old Joachim S. Reynolds.

The three were reported to have been passengers in a minivan that caught fire after it was allegedly hit by a big rig. Reports indicate that the big rig crossed the median on Interstate 10, smashing into the minivan and causing it to ignite. Department of Public Safety spokesman Officer Raul Molina confirmed the course of events on Friday, as well as the identities of the three victims.

The accident is reported to have occurred at 7 a.m., on a slice of Interstate 10 north of Tucson. A Georgia man is reported to have been the driver of the vehicle. The Associated Press reports that 61-year-old Rickey J. Duffey of Fayetteville, Georgia, was driving his truck, which was carrying a large load of produce, when he is said to have lost control, crossing over the median dividing the highway.

Duffey was killed when his big rig rolled onto its side, authorities said. The three passengers in the minivan, all from the same community in Texas, are said to have been related, though it is unclear how. According to The Star, they were driving a Honda sedan when the big rig hit them.

Police officials said they believed the three Reynolds’ driving in the car were killed in the fire that ensued following the contact with the big rig. However, investigators said that Duffey likely survived the initial impact, but was later killed when the truck he was operating turned onto its side.

There was one person who survived the ordeal, a person police are describing as a 50-year-old man from Tucson. He was reportedly injured, but is expected to survive.

Following the incident, a second tractor-trailer is said to have hit the wrecked big rig. Officer Molina affirmed the driver of the second big rig, who he said is a 58-year-old man, sustained critical injuries during the crash.

The wreck ultimately resulted in the closure of the roadway for six hours.