Former Prisoner Brings Lawsuit Against Connecticut Jail-Cell Officers

The lawsuit that was filed notes that the entire incident was caught on the surveillance video that the station currently has.A New York resident has brought a lawsuit against two Hartford, Connecticut police officers after an incident that allegedly occurred left the man injured, the Hartford Courant reported.

Michael Stewart alleges that he was beaten unconscious by two Hartford officers after he was brought into the headquarters for the organization in 2009. He filed a lawsuit following the incident, as he sought personal injury damages due to the alleged actions that were taken against him, according to the news source.

Stewart claims that the officers had violated department policies in connection with the alleged assault that had occurred. The lawsuit that was filed notes that the entire incident was caught on the surveillance video that the station currently has, reported the Courant.

The suit alleges that two officers used unnecessary force against Stewart, while two other officers allegedly stood by and let the actions continue. Several incidents led to the final event that dealt with the individual officers, as they had responded to the inmate after he allegedly reached out of his cell and made contact with them, the news source reported.

Lawyers for Stewart are seeking damages for the alleged beating that occurred after the contact was made, as the man had allegedly claims he suffered injuries ranging from a severely sprained neck to swelling of the face and the head, according to the Courant.

Another civil lawsuit was filed by individuals against a larger organization, as citizens from eastern Kentucky have brought legal action against a mine that they allege had polluted a family’s water source, WYMT 57 Lexington reported.

The Howard family is seeking restitution due to the fact that their water source is allegedly contaminated due to the actions of a local mining company. Lawyers for the individuals are also seeking personal injury payments, as the mine allegedly led to several family members getting very sick following the incident, according to the news source.

“The lawsuit also alleges personal injury claims on behalf of Mrs. Howard which is consistent with someone who has their home and their wells infested with methane which is very dangerous,” lawyers for the family told WYMT.

While the Howard family has brought the lawsuit, the mining company has denied any need for the individuals to be removed from their home, along with a denial of any wrongdoing in the case, reported the news source.

Several families were injured in a stage crash that occurred at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, and legal experts have noted that these individuals may bring a case against the state for damages that were incurred, according to News 6 Indianapolis.

The victims of the collapse and their families have nine months to file a claim against the state of Indiana, and there is a maximum payout that can occur if the individuals are found to have been injured by the incident, reported the news source.

Five people were killed and 45 others were injured during the collapse of a stage at the concert, as powerful winds brought down the metal and piping that the object was made of, News 6 reported.

Claims may also be filed against the private entities that were responsible for the stage and the surrounding equipment, as citizens may diversify the legal action due to the specific injuries that may have occurred, reported the news source.

Local legal experts expect a large number of claims to be filed in the next several months because of the incidents due to the personal injuries that allegedly occurred.