Ford Motor Co. Announces Recall of its New Vehicles

Recently, Ford Motor Co. announced that it is recalling approximately 7,150 of its new vehicles, including the 2013 Escape, Ford Focus, and C-Max hybrid. Ford is recalling the vehicles due to a problem with the child safety locks on the left rear door.

The company explained that the child locks “may have been built incorrectly” because they were assembled by the manufacturer with the incorrect parts, which Ford believes were delivered by a supplier. These particular vehicles were assembled at the Ford plants in Wayne, Michigan and Louisville, Kentucky. Ford discovered the problem in November and began a review. Meanwhile, it halted the production and shipment of the vehicles.

Currently, there are no reports of any accidents or injuries associated with the recalled vehicles. Anyone who has questions, however, can contact Ford Motor Co. Also, more detailed information about the recall is posted on the Ford Motor Co. website.

The company has submitted a report to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Federal law requires that vehicle manufacturers notify the NHTSA when they discover any safety defects. Additionally, a company is required to notify the owners and distributors of the vehicle, and it must offer to repair the problem at no cost. Otherwise, the NHTSA will fine the company.

The Escape is one of Ford’s most popular vehicles. However, it has been the subject of five previous recalls since the new model came to market last spring.

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