Whole Foods Recalls Cheeses Due to Listeria Worries

Whole Foods, one of the nation’s largest grocers, made it into recall news in late July after a Morbier cheese marketed by the grocery chain raised concerns that it might be contaminated by Listeria monocytogenes.

This cheese, which is manufactured in Poligny, France, comes from the company Trois Comtois. The company discovered the potential risk and alerted the stores where the product is sold. Whole Foods stated that this potentially contaminated cheese was sold in stores in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Southwest, Southern and Northern California locations. According to Whole Foods, this cheese is purchased in a bulk-size wheel that weighs approximately 11 pounds. It is then sliced into smaller portions and sold individually.

Whole Foods, whose home base is in Austin, Texas, says they can identify all potentially contaminated cheese by its PLU code. These codes can let the consumer know if the cheese that they bought has a potential for harmful bacteria. Although the retailer has had no reports of sickness related to this outbreak, it has pulled all affected cheeses off the shelves. Customers who bought this cheese can return it to the store where they purchased it for a complete and full refund.

Whole Foods has also released a list of potentially hazardous products. The list includes the state of purchase, the PLU code, and the product label.

Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas had PLU code 293358 with potential contamination. The same PLU code is also valid for those who purchased the product in Southern California, Hawaii, Arizona, and areas of the Midwest. PLU code 293608 is also potentially hazardous. This PLU code identifies products sold Ohio, Virginia, Northern California, Nevada (only in Reno stores), and Washington, D.C.

Whole Foods has posted information regarding this recall in all stores where this cheese was sold. If customers still have a portion of the cheese, they can return it to the Whole Foods store for safe disposal as well.

Source: http://www.foodsafetynews.com/2013/08/listeria-risk-prompts-cheese-recall/