Flu Shot Lawsuit Filed Against Allegedly Negligent Nursing Student’s School

Flu shot lawsuit filed against nursing schoolA medical malpractice lawsuit has been filed against a community college, claiming that one of its nursing students was negligent in administering a flu shot.

Cynthia Thibodaux allegedly received a badly botched flu shot from nursing student Mamie Ross. Ross was a nursing student at Fletcher Community College, which has been named as the defendant in the medical malpractice lawsuit, according to Houma Today.

The suit claims that Thibodaux received a flu shot from Ross in 2009, and that Ross applied "considerable force into the top of her right shoulder joint." The plaintiff allegedly bled profusely after the injection, and could not lift her arm the next day. She allegedly sustained a torn rotator cuff, pain in the arm and shoulder and various other problems that she needed to have surgery to correct. She reportedly seeks damages of more than $50,000.

According to the Mayo Clinic, flu shots are among the best ways to avoid becoming infected with the influenza virus, and are especially recommended for pregnant women, older adults and young children.