Florida Woman Sues Military Hospital for Medical Malpractice

A Florida woman is suing for medical malpractice after claiming that she lost the use of her legs after a surgery.A Florida grandmother has sued Naval Hospital Jacksonville for medical malpractice after losing the use of her legs following a surgery where a doctor allegedly incorrectly stapled her aorta, reported First Coast News.

Christine Williams, 72, was sent to the hospital last May to have a mass removed from one of her kidneys. Although her doctor had told her she would be out of the hospital after three days, Williams told the news station that she ended up staying there for four months.

Williams claims she was unable to move her legs, and a CT scan reportedly showed that her aorta had been inadvertently stapled during her surgery, which impeded the blood flow to her legs. The lack of blood flow allegedly caused Williams to suffer a spinal cord stroke.

The station reported that Naval Hospital Jacksonville has been sued multiple times and has settled cases worth millions.

Naval Hospital Jacksonville specializes in providing care to active military personnel, retirees and their families. The hospital's website said it treats about 10,000 inpatients and 40,000 outpatients each year.