Florida Family Sues Hospital After Baby’s Finger Cut Off

Florida Family Sues Hospital After Baby's Finger Cut OffAfter an 8-month-old baby’s finger was cut off at a hospital in Haines City, Florida, the family of the infant is now suing the health center, claiming both the hospital and its workers were negligent in the accident, USA Today reports.

According to the news source, Veronica Olguin checked her daughter into Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center with a high fever and bronchitis. After three days of treatment, the baby was discharged from the hospital. Selena Olguin, who was three-months-old at the time of her stay, was then placed on her mother’s lap.

Nurse Anna Stuttz began cutting away the bandage that had held the IV in place, but allegedly cut too deep.

“There was blood squirting everywhere,” said Veronica. “I held her head close to my chest … she was red, she was screaming. And I looked at her hand … she didn’t have her finger any more. I started screaming…and that’s when [the nurse] panicked and she threw her scissors and started screaming for the other doctors. And they came in and they picked the finger up from the floor.”

According to the media outlet, the baby was then taken to Tampa General Hospital, where it was determined the baby’s nerve endings were too small, and the severed finger could not be re-attached.

Olguin’s medical malpractice attorney said the family is suing Heart of Florida Regional Medical Center and Stuttz for emotional and psychological damage, as well as for any developmental challenges Selena could face in the future. However, the attorney stated that the case was not just about a sum of money, but rather to ensure such an accident doesn’t happen to a child again.

“Hopefully with proper procedures, proper training, [this will] … keep these things from happening,” the lawyer said.

According to Fox News, the hospital has since released a statement that said that although the healthcare provider has reached out to the family, no mutually agreeable resolution has been reached.

“We want to reiterate our compassion and concern for the child and her family,” the statement concluded.

A representative of the hospital told a Tampa Fox affiliate that Stuttz is currently back working at the hospital, however he couldn’t say whether the nurse was working with patients again or not.