Florida Anesthesiologist Sued for Medical Malpractice

Florida Anesthesiologist Sued for Medical MalpracticeA South Florida man has filed a lawsuit against an area doctor, alleging the physician made an error during surgery that had dire consequences.

WSVN Miami reports Enrique Milla hired a medical malpractice lawyer and filed a lawsuit that contends the doctors did not take the necessary steps to uncover his pre-existing medical condition, which he claims led to the amputation of his genitalia. Milla’s attorney argues that the doctors never should have performed the penile implant surgery to treat erectile dysfunction, which Milla received in August 2007.

The anesthesiologist, identified as Dr. Boeru, should have never allowed the surgery to continue, and should have been aware of Milla’s extreme case of diabetes and high blood pressure, Milla’s lawyer stated. On the day of surgery, Milla’s blood sugar levels were reportedly far too high for the elective procedure to be done, according to the news source.

“Why we’re here is because Dr. Boeru, I believe the evidence in this case will show, failed to evaluate properly the risks of this procedure for this patient on that day,” said the attorney. “He put his profit over the safety of the patient because not only did Dr. Boeru provide the anesthesia care in the surgery, he cleared him for the surgery. And guess who owned the anesthesia company that the anesthesiologist worked for that provided the anesthesia care for that surgery? Dr. Boeru.”

After the surgery, Milla developed a gangrene infection – a known problem among diabetics – in his penis, which led to its amputation.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, penile implant surgery is one option for men with erectile dysfunction, and is regarded as a minimally invasive surgery with few risks.