Female Burn Victim Files Medical Malpractice Suit

A woman is suing her doctor after he allegedly gave her second and third-degree burns during a gynecological procedure.A worker at Bethesda Hospital is suing the doctor who botched a uterine wall operation, leaving the woman scalded in her reproductive area, reports Cincinnati.com.

Pamela Williams underwent the gynecological procedure at Bethesda in 2005 to relieve discomfort, but left the hospital with second and third-degree burns on her rectum and vagina among other areas from a super-heated saline solution.

The procedure involves a wand, filled with the solution, entering into the uterus which in effect burns off some of the wall, easing discomfort. The cervix is plugged to prevent any of the liquid exiting the area.

However, WIlliams alleged that Dr. Altman, the doctor performing the operation, ignored several warning beeps that the wand was too hot and released fluid as he took the wand out, causing severe burns.

The woman is suing Dr. Altman for allegedly causing lifelong disfigurement, permanent inability to have sexual relations with her husband and severe pain during bowel movements.

Court documents filed by Altman's attorneys said doubts existed regarding the extent of the patient's injuries, but medical workers who took care of Williams after she discovered the burns said they were "horrified" by what they discovered, according to Cincinnati.com.