Federal Court Could Begin Hearing Vaccine Lawsuits Soon

One family is attempting to bring vaccine makers to federal court after their daughter developed severe health complications. A family is attempting to sue the manufacturer of a vaccine after their daughter suffered severe health problems from medication side effects, reports the Associated Press.

The Bruesewitz family told the Wall Street Journal that their daughter, Hannah, developed residual seizure disorder after receiving numerous vaccines developed by Pzier Inc.'s Wyeth unit and will now require care for the rest of her life.

Currently all claims are made through a special vaccine court established 24 years ago, which protects companies from most lawsuits, according to the AP.

Supreme Court justices heard arguments regarding parents' ability to sue vaccine-makers for issues arising from dangerous drugs in federal court.

Many families claim that vaccines, such as thimerosal, are linked to the development of autism. Scientific studies, however, have yet to find such a correlation.

If the Court agrees with the parents arguing this case, drug makers could see an huge influx of lawsuits, reports the AP.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor expressed worry that if federal law took over these lawsuits, the drug makers would not have an incentive to test new products and look for safer treatments.

A ruling should be released by the end of next June, according to the Journal.