New FDA App Makes Consumer Feedback Easier

There is an app for almost everything. If someone wants to check the weather from their office, there is an app for that. If someone wants to play a game where they dice fruit into tiny pieces, there is an app for that, too. And now, if someone uses a medical device or prescription, and they have a complaint, all they have to do is fill out a form on the FDA’s Medwatch app.

What Does the Medwatch App Do?

The Medwatch app for the Food and Drug Administration allows individuals to make reports about products that have adverse and negative side effects. In addition to the reporting feature though, the app also allows for regular updates for people who have it. Whether it is prosthetics or prescriptions, this app gives users regular updates on what is and is not working in the field of medicine so that they and their loved ones can stay informed about what they should be watching out for.

Purpose behind the App

This app is just the latest step in the FDA’s mission to keep the public informed about the goods and services that it is buying from medical establishments. Previously, the organization would publish newsletters and press statements, but as technology has advanced, the organization has tried to keep up with what people popularly use. This led to the creation of a special website for the public to view the latest warnings and recalls put out by the FDA, and now that smart phones and tablets have become the norm, the organization has responded by making an app that can inform the public even more quickly.

Depending on User Reporting

The FDA depends on product users reporting their experiences to inform the public about what they should and should not be wary of. While the FDA tries to stay on top of what is and is not safe, much like other government bodies, the public has to inform them when things have gone wrong. The easier the communication between the public and the government is in this instance, the simpler it is to get the warnings out to as many people as possible regarding the products they use every day.