Father Sues School Over Son’s Arm Injury

Father sues school over son's arm injuryA Texas father recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against his son's school, claiming the school was negligent in allowing the boy to play in and around dangerous objects and failing to monitor him.

The personal injury lawsuit claims that in 2008, Jodie Conyers' son William was enrolled in Village School in Houston, Texas. The school allegedly failed to properly supervise the child and failed to remove the truck and automobile tires that he was playing around from the premises, according to Ultimate Memorial.

The personal injury lawsuit claims that in playing around the tires, the boy suffered an arm injury that needed to be corrected with surgery at a nearby hospital. Doctors allegedly claim that the arm injury will be permanent, with William Conyers suffering limited gripping ability in that arm.

William's father is suing the school for past and future medical expenses, future loss of wages and earning potential, pain and suffering and disfigurement of the arm.

The personal injury lawsuit also reportedly claims that the school's employees attempted to conceal their neglect of the boy by filing a false report. Conyers has hired a personal injury attorney to represent him in the case.