Father Files Lawsuit Claiming Family Member Supplied Son with Drugs

Father claims family member supplied son with drugsAn Ohio man recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against his niece, claiming she gave his son the prescription drugs that allegedly caused his death.

James Braun Sr. decided to file a civil lawsuit after both the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office and the prosecutor looked at the case and declined to file criminal charges, Local12.com reports. Braun's lawsuit also names his niece's mother as a defendant.

Brain claims that his niece, Kristen Kurtz, admitted to him that she provided the prescription drugs that James Braun Jr. overdosed on earlier this year; Kurtz has reportedly denied this allegation. Kurtz was sentenced to prison time for drug trafficking charged in 2008, according to the news source. She was released months before Braun's son's overdose, and Braun claims that Kurtz spent the evening with his son the night before he died.

"I can't bring my son's life back but I still have a responsibility to him…when I lay down at night and I pray to him, I still have a responsibility to find out what happened and to get him justice," Braun said of his personal injury lawsuit.

Opioid drugs, which are usually prescribed to relieve pain, are the most common source of drug overdose fatalities, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.