Family Sues Over Child’s Roller Coaster Death

Family Sues Over Child's Roller Coaster DeathA family whose 3-year-old son died after falling from a rollercoaster in Norridge, Illinois, has sued the amusement park where the alleged incident occurred.

Jayson Dansby's family says the boy was on the Python Pit ride at Go Bananas when he freed himself from the safety bar and became wedged between two cars, according to My Fox Chicago. He was then struck by a roller coaster car and fell three or four feet to the ground, the personal injury lawsuit states.

The Dansby family contests the park's assertion that there was no human error or mechanical failure that could be blamed for the incident, according to NBC Chicago.

"Interestingly enough, the maintenance records on the ride mysteriously disappeared when requested by the police," their personal injury attorney claimed.

Another woman who says she was at Go Bananas at the time of the incident and witnessed the boy's death has also sued the indoor amusement park for the emotional distress she claims she suffered when trying to help him. Like the Dansby family, Marion Grant claims the Python Pit ride was defective – in both lawsuits, it is claimed that the ride had no emergency stop function.