Family Sues Over Carbon Monoxide Deaths During Camping

Family Sues Over Carbon Monoxide Deaths During CampingThe family members of two people who died of carbon monoxide poisoning while camping in Utah have filed a toxic substances lawsuit against the outdoor gear company that manufactured the lantern and propane heater that they were using.

Steven Dowdy, 28, and Darian Thomlinson, 10, were using a Coleman PowerMate propane heater and lantern to warm themselves in their tent and allegedly died of carbon monoxide poisoning from the Coleman products, the Deseret News reports.

The toxic substances lawsuit claims that Coleman knew the heater and lantern were defective in that they emitted carbon monoxide into the air, but did not properly inform consumers of the need to use the products in a ventilated space. According to the family's attorney, Coleman stopped manufacturing the allegedly defective heaters in 2006, but 1.7 million of them remain in use, and have killed at least 90 people.

"They keep killing people with these heaters and they won't do a recall to get them off the market," he said.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, carbon monoxide is especially dangerous as it is odorless and colorless, so it can often kill its victims before they are aware they are being exposed to it.