Family Sues Over Cantaloupe Allegedly Contaminated with Salmonella

Family Sues Over Cantaloupe Allegedly Contaminated with SalmonellaA Colorado family whose daughter allegedly consumed a recalled Del Monte cantaloupe and became sick as a result has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the food company, seeking damages for medical expenses, lost wages and emotional distress.

Robert and Kelli Lopez claim that their 12-year-old daughter had to be hospitalized due to the salmonella contamination that was allegedly present in the Del Monte cantaloupe and for which the fruits were recently recalled, according to the Denver Post. Though Del Monte has recalled nearly 5,000 cartons of cantaloupe, the contaminated fruit has nevertheless been linked to 13 infections across five states.

"By nature, cantaloupe is riskier than some other fruits, but with proper safety precautions, salmonella outbreaks are preventable," the family's personal injury attorney said.

According to Food Safety News, cantaloupe is considered riskier because it is often exposed to animal contact that causes contamination, and its inedible rind usually goes unwashed. Recent research indicates that salmonella can pass through this rind and affect the edible interior of the fruit.