Family Sues Ambulance Provider Over Alleged Delay Leading to Death

Family Sues Ambulance Provider Over Alleged Delay Leading to DeathA Florida family claims that EVAC, the ambulance services provider that has a contract with Volusia County, was slow in responding to a 911 call, thereby causing a woman's death, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.

Joell Cianfrocca, 32, was having breathing problems when her mother called 911, according to the personal injury lawsuit. A fire crew allegedly arrived in five minutes, but the ambulance allegedly did not arrive until after another 32 minutes, by which time it was too late to save Cianfrocca, according to the suit. She died moments after she was taken to the hospital.

An investigation by the Volusia County's Department of Emergency Medical Services mostly blamed dispatchers for the incident, finding that they were late in communicating critical information which would have resulted in the ambulance arriving at Cianfrocca's residence in a timelier manner.

The lawsuit names the ambulance services provider as negligent in allowing the delay, and seeks unspecified damages for the late woman's mother and brother, according to the news source.

The Emergency Medical Foundation, Incorporated, or EVAC Ambulance, has been serving Volusia County, Florida since 1981, according to the company website.