Family Sues Airline Over Allegedly Denied Care to Dying Passenger

Family Sues Airline Over Allegedly Denied Care to Dying PassengerThe family of a Houston woman who died of a heart attack shortly after her flight's landing has filed a personal injury lawsuit against the airline, which claims it did not do enough to help her and prevent her death.

The lawsuit claims that Carol Wilson was returning from a birthday trip to the Philippines when she began to have heart attack symptoms shortly before landing back in Houston on a Dubai Airlines flight, according to AOL Travel News. Despite the woman's symptoms, which allegedly included unconsciousness and inability to catch her breath, flight attendants did little to help, and only offered an oxygen tank despite the airline's alleged advertising that they have defibrillators on their planes, the suit says.

Once the flight had landed, all other passengers were allowed to de-plane before paramedics were brought inside to Wilson, according to the personal injury lawsuit. She was pronounced dead on arrival at a nearby hospital due to the airline staff's negligence, the suit claims.

A spokeswoman for Medaire, a company that helps airlines deal with in-flight medical emergencies, told My Fox Houston that medical emergencies on planes are on the rise due to increased airplane usage and an aging of the population.