Family Sues After Man Falls to His Death From Rollercoaster

Family Sues After Man Falls to His Death From RollercoasterThe family of a man who fell to his death from a Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo rollercoaster ride have filed a personal injury lawsuit against the rodeo and the owner of the ride.

Brian Joseph Greenhouse, 47, fell off the Hi-Miler rollercoaster and died, his son, ex-wife and parents claim in the suit, according to They claim that the rodeo and carnival operator and ride owner RCS were negligent, since a woman allegedly reported being injured on the ride in 2009, but the defendants allegedly did nothing about it. Furthermore, the family's personal injury attorney claims, the ride's safety restraints have the potential to become unlatched during the ride, the Houston Chronicle reports.

The defendants say that witnesses saw Greenhouse "limp in the air" as he fell to the ground from the coaster, but the family's personal injury attorney said this is not relevant.

"Even if you assume that Brian had a heart attack – and we don't think that's the case – the ride did not restrain him," the lawyer explained. "You have a legal right to seek retribution for that."