Family Receives $775,000 Settlement in Child’s Personal Injury Suit

Family files personal injury suit against child care facilityA Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin family has recently received a $775,000 settlement as the outcome of their personal injury lawsuit against a child care facility that allegedly dropped their son on his head, resulting in a severe head injury.

Anthony Flott was being carried by a worker through the Sleepers to Sneakers child care facility when the worker tripped and dropped Flott, according to the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram. Flott allegedly hit the concrete floor of the facility with his head.

Flott's mother was allegedly not told of this incident when she picked Flott up from the facility that day, but later allegedly noticed that Flott had difficulty waking up and had "jerky movements" on one side of his body.

She claimed that she then rushed him to the emergency room, where a CT scan diagnosed the child with an intracranial hemorrhage, or bleeding in the brain due to a ruptured blood vessel. The medical report stated that it was a life-threatening condition that required surgery, according to the news source.

Of the $775,000 in damages paid by the child care facility and its insurer, Flott will receive about $423,000, which will be dispensed to him through a special-needs trust.