Family Awarded $1.95 Million in Lawsuit Over Fatal Bear Attack

Family Awarded $1.95 Million in Lawsuit Over Fatal Bear AttackA federal judge recently awarded $1.95 million to the family of a boy who was killed by a bear in Utah in 2007.

On June 17, 2007, the Ives family was camping in American Fork Canyon when a black bear dragged 11-year-old Samuel out of his tent and killed him, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

The family filed a lawsuit against the government, claiming that it, as the operator of the park, was responsible for notifying them of the dangers in the area.

U.S. District Judge Dale Kimball ruled that the U.S. Forest Service should have notified the family that there was a bear in the area that had reportedly opened coolers and torn through a tent earlier that day, reports the news source.

The Daily Herald reports that Kimball found the federal government 65 percent responsible for the incident, the state government 25 percent responsible and the family held the final 10 percent of the blame.

The federal government could appeal the verdict, reports the Tribune.

"We are reviewing the decision and will consult with the Department of Justice as we weigh our options going forward," U.S. Attorney's Office spokeswoman Melodie Rydalch told the news source.