Falling Tree Branch Injury May Lead to Lawsuit

Falling tree branch injury may lead to lawsuitAn Indiana woman who claims she was injured by a falling tree branch in a San Bruno, California park may file a lawsuit against San Mateo County, her personal injury attorney said.

Sixty-year-old Marcia Anderson was visiting family in California at the time of the incident, the San Francisco Examiner reports. She claims she was walking down a paved footpath on the park's grounds when a eucalyptus tree branch broke off and fell on her.

As a result of the impact, Anderson allegedly suffered a subarachnoid hematoma, blood in the chest cavity, a lung collapse and fractured vertebrae, ribs, skull and scapula, according to the news source. Addressing these injuries allegely required spinal surgery and nearly two months of hospitalization and rehabilitation.

"She’s going to have to live with very significant injuries the rest of her life, but she is doing her best to try to get back to as much of a regular lifestyle as she possibly can," Anderson's personal injury attorney explained. She added that she could not comment on the county's role in Anderson's injuries until a lawsuit is filed.

According to the Mayo Clinic, fractured vertebrae can often heal by themselves. If the spinal column is unstable, however, doctors may need to fuse two or more vertebral bodies together using bone grafts or metal plates.