Early Morning Tucson Crash Results in Death of 31-Year-Old

Officials closed a portion of Interstate-10 following a car crash.A fiery car crash on Interstate 10 in Tucson on Tuesday, September 20, prompted officials to close the roadway while they worked to investigate the causes fueling it, and  crews endeavored to clean up the wreckage.

According to a report from KVOA News, Tucson Police Department Captain Trish Tracy affirmed police officers, along with the Tucson Fire Department were trying to determine what caused the automobile accident, which occurred at 1:06 a.m. Officer Tracy said the incident took place in the westbound lanes on I-10, between Congress Street and Speedway.

Reports indicate one person was killed during the car accident. Officer Tracy said that another person sustained critical, though not life-threatening personal injuries as a result. That victim was taken to a hospital; doctors expect a full recovery.

The police closed off westbound I-10 at Congress Street for several hours following the incident, but re-opened it several hours later.

The Department of Public Safety later confirmed the identities of the involved parties. Officials said 31-year-old Gabriel Enriquez was pronounced dead following injuries sustained as a result of the incident. Reports issued later indicated Enriquez was struck in his broken-down Chevrolet while he sat in an emergency lane, awaiting assistance.

Officials identified the driver of the automobile that struck him as 19-year-old Ryan Membrila. DPS representatives said they are investigating whether Membrila was impaired at the time of the collision.

Crews have carried out a number of restoration projects on I-10 throughout the state over the last few years, according to a report from Fox News. State officials recently announced the completion of a major overpass project in Cochise County. Work on the bridge was spurred by an accident, during which two semi-trucks lit on fire, destroying the bridge’s structural integrity.