Driver Killed on Loop 303 – Drowsy Driving Blamed

A man who was injured in a crash on Loop 303 has died. The accident took place at around 2 a.m. in Surprise, Arizona near Grand Avenue. The man was driving a truck, which veered off the highway and struck a guardrail, taking out approximately 140 feet of the protective railing. The vehicle was heading southbound. The highway was closed until 6 a.m. while the scene was investigated and prepared for reopening.

Investigators believe the driver was possibly a newspaper deliveryman and that he may have fallen asleep while driving. Officers from the Department of Public Safety have reported that they do not believe drugs or alcohol played a role in the accident.

The driver’s leg was nearly severed in the accident. He was rushed to the local hospital and taken into surgery. The man died as a result of his injuries.

The truck was found packed with newspapers. A piece of metal from the guardrail went into the windshield and through the entire truck. When police found the man at the accident scene, he was standing up in the back of his rolled vehicle. Officers discovered that the metal piece had broken off and passed through the man’s vehicle, severing the man’s leg. The leg was only attached by the skin around it. The man reportedly went in and out of consciousness and had no vital signs when he was loaded onto a helicopter to be transported to the hospital. Medical personnel at the hospital were able to get a pulse upon the man’s arrival and prior to him being transported into surgery.

Drivers are urged to delay travel if they are feeling tired. People who are unable to avoid travel while tired should pull over and rest if they become drowsy. Bringing a passenger or speaking with someone on the phone using a hands-free device are other tactics that can help drivers avoid drowsiness. Nevertheless, it is best to stay off the roads while resting and regaining alertness. Drowsy driving is extremely dangerous and may result in the injury or death of the driver and others who are on or near the roadway.