Driver in String of Hit-And-Run Accidents Apprehended by Phoenix Police

A speeding car caused multiple accidents in Phoenix.A vehicle accident that occurred Friday, September 16, had an altogether surprising outcome after a man who was involved in the incident helped police to find the man who caused the crash, according to news reports.

A valley man was reportedly involved in the motor vehicle accident, which occurred around Glendale and 7th Street in Phoenix, with as many as three cars potentially involved in the incident. The man, John Stevens, told police his car was hit by another car, whose driver was reportedly operating the vehicle erratically. Stevens affirmed he was distraught after his car was hit, and he witnessed the other driver fleeing after pulling over for under a minute.

KSAZ News reports that after Stevens’ car was hit, the operator of the other vehicle sped away from the scene of the accident, hitting another vehicle as it went down the roadway.

“He hit me about 8th Avenue and Glendale continued east, hit a Porsche at 7th Street and Glendale,” Stevens told the news provider.

Stevens asserted he believed the other driver would slow down after he noticed he was tailing him, but the other driver failed to do so, clipping another car, a Porsche, in the process, witnesses said. Stevens ultimately was able to corner the man before police arrived at the scene. He told the news agency he ensured the other driver did not leave before Phoenix Police Department officers arrived.

“Then turned in here and got out of the car,” Stevens said of preventing the man from once again fleeing. “I took him to the ground, held onto him until cops got here.”

Police later took the man into custody, but they have as yet not released his name. A spokesperson for the police department said no injuries had been reported during the spate of accidents caused by the driver. They are investigating the matter.