Dr. Phil Sued Over Dog Bite

Dr. Phil sued over dog biteA former family friend of TV personality Dr. Phil McGraw and his wife, Robin, filed a personal injury lawsuit over a severe bite allegedly inflicted on her by the couple’s dog.

Janet Harris claims she was mauled by McGraw’s dog, Maggie, without provocation, the Daily Mail reports. The bite left her with deep puncture marks in her arm as well as cuts and abrasions that bled profusely, the personal injury lawsuit states. The dog bite then allegedly became infected, and Harris needed to spend time in a nursing home hooked to an intravenous line that delivered steroids and antibiotics to treat the infection.

She also allegedly developed an adverse reaction to the antibiotics and suffered hearing loss, the New York Post reports, and has subsequently had to close her Los Angeles business because she was left unable to work.

Her personal injury attorney claims that Harris asked the McGraws for financial assistance and that they refused. Harris now seeks general damages and compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost earnings.

In a statement, the McGraws say that they provided Harris with insurance information after the incident, which allegedly involved very minor injuries.

“Phillip and I have taken care of Janet,” Robin McGraw claimed. “Janet is a friend and we continue to wish her well.”