Dog Attack Victim Awarded $300,000 in Personal Injury Lawsuit

Mehdavi filed the lawsuit in 2009 against the city, and the settlement was reached one day prior to the beginning of the trial.A veterinary worker in Humboldt, California, will receive more than $300,000 from the county following an attack by an animal at a care center, according to the Humboldt Beacon.

Elena Esquivel was injured following the attempted handling of a vicious pit bull dog, as the animal mauled the young veterinary worker in a way that left her arm permanently damaged. The awarding of money is expected to cover medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages that were incurred by the Humboldt resident, the news source reported.

The successful lawsuit alleged that the county acted negligently when it took the dog in, after the animal had previously bitten three other people. "Hoddy", the pit bull, was taken in for treatment housing and a rabies vaccination at the McKinleyville Animal Care Center, reported the newspaper.

A county kennel worker, and not a professional animal control officer, had allegedly brought the dog to the Animal Care Center for the vaccination, a point that Esquivel's attorney made when noting that the individual was not qualified to be handling such a vicious dog, according to the Beacon.

"Nobody that was dealing with this dog really knew the extent of its bite history and the circumstances of its previous bites," the attorney noted. "All three people that were bitten said the bites were unprovoked."

This alleged lack of professional training led to the verdict, as the jury noted that Esquivel should have had the protection of a certified animal control officer, reported the news source.

Another personal injury lawsuit was settled recently, as a Germantown, Maryland resident was awarded a $2 million settlement following the death of his wife, according to the Maryland Gazette.

Yunshu Li and her husband, Xiufeng Wang, were walking in the street by the Germantown/Kingsview Fire Station No. 22 when they were allegedly run over by a town dump truck that had been backing up, the news source reported.

While Wang suffered several serious injuries, his wife died at the scene of the accident. The husband decided to file a suit against the contractors that were hired for wrongful death and personal injury, reported the newspaper.

Representation for Wang argued that the companies were negligent in their failure to provide a safe pedestrian path along with improper operation of the dump truck, according to the Gazette.

The jury awarded $2 million to Wang and his family, as they noted that the traffic control plans were not adhered to, reported the news source.
The police in Fremont, California, settled another personal injury lawsuit, as the organization will pay up to $1.1 million to a pet store owner following an alleged botched burglary investigation, according to the Oakland Tribune.

Omid Mehdavi, a Hayward resident, was working at the Puppy Love Boutique, when police investigators came to the store to follow up on a burglary that had occurred. He reportedly fell from a ladder while talking to one of the officers and suffered serious injuries, the news source reported.

Although the city admitted no wrongdoing in the incident, they settled with Mehdavi in order to prevent the case from going to trial. The pet store owner suffered several major injuries, including permanent brain damage, a skull fracture and a fractured clavicle, reported the Tribune.

Mehdavi filed the lawsuit in 2009 against the city, and the settlement was reached one day prior to the beginning of the trial. While the city agreed to pay, the shopping center owners will pay $375,000 out of the total settlement because of structural issues, according to the news source.