texting and driving

Distracted Driving

Driving requires your full attention but there are many distractions. You have to learn that in order to be safe you have to be focused.

For teenagers and parents alike, it is wise to view the list of state cell phone and driving laws at the Governors’ Highway Safety Association website. As of April 2013, at least 10 states have laws that prevent using a hand-held cell phone while driving and at least 36 states have laws that ban novice drivers from all cell phone use while driving.

texting and drivingTexting while driving is currently banned in 39 states. The average time your eyes are off the road while texting is five seconds, which is enough time to miss seeing a vehicle entering the road. If you do not trust yourself to ignore your phone when driving, then you should silence it or turn it off.

The consequences of texting while driving can be severe to devastating. If you are caught, you could pay a fine of up to $150.00, and it can also cost you two points on your driving record. If you happen to cause an accident while texting and driving and kill someone, the punishment could be similar to killing someone while drinking and driving.

Drinking and driving laws have severe consequences should you fail to obey them. All states now consider 21 as the legal drinking age, and all states have adopted Zero Tolerance laws; which state that if you are under 21, you cannot have any alcohol in your body while driving. If you drink and drive and are involved in an accident and someone is killed as a result of your actions, you can be charged with a felony. You can be taken to jail, and in some cases, there will be no bail. Vehicular homicide as a result of drunk driving can put you in jail for three to 15 years, or five to 20 years for a habitual offender.

We live in a fast-paced world, and many people think they can multitask when they are driving. Eating, drinking and smoking are all distractions from keeping your eyes on the road. If you need a break, need to look at a map, need to take a phone call or need to eat a snack, pull off the road safely to do so. In addition, always keep pets safely restrained in the back of your vehicle. Pets can be a dangerous distraction while driving as well.