Diabetic Claims Nutritional Supplement Damaged his Liver

Diabetic Claims Nutritional Supplement Damaged his LiverA Pennsylvania man who suffers from diabetes claims that the nutritional supplement that supposedly helps maintain "healthy blood sugar levels" actually gave him drug-induced liver disease when he took it, and seeks damages from the pills' manufacturer.

According to the Courthouse News Service, Isaac Shaw identifies the Uva Ursi leaf as the dangerous ingredient in Penn Herb Company's Gluco-Ease Plus. According to his dangerous drugs lawsuit, the leaf, also known as bearberry, is listed on the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) list of poisonous plants because it contains hydroquinone, a chemical that is allegedly known to cause liver damage.

The 55-year-old plumber claims that after taking 70 of the Gluco-Ease pills, he began to suffer itching so severe it required emergency medical attention. A liver biopsy confirmed that Shaw had drug-induced hepatitis, according to the dangerous drugs lawsuit.

Shaw claims that the drug-induced hepatitis was contracted because of his consumption on the Gluco-Ease Pills. He allegedly suffers from cholestatic hepatitis, liver failure, abdominal pain, loss of sleep, depression, anxiety and shortened life expectancy due to his ingestion of the herbal supplement, and seeks compensatory and special damages of at least $50,000 from Penn Herb.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Uva Ursi, or bearberry, was used as an antibacterial, primarily to treat urinary tract infections, for centuries prior to the discovery of antibiotics.