Despite Health Warnings, Japan to Keep Selling Actos

Japan will continue to sell the controversial medication Actos.Japan does not plan to stop sales of Takeda Pharmaceuticals diabetes drug Actos even after it was pulled from the shelves in France after a study found it may increase the risk for cancer, according to multiple reports.

France suspended use of Actos and another drug Competact – which combines Actos and an older medication called metformin – after an official study found both drugs appeared to slightly raise the risk for bladder cancer among frequent users.

The European Medicines Agency said it was reviewing data on the safety of Actos and its link to bladder cancer but would not recommend any changes in the meantime. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration released a warning to users about the possible cancer risk connected with the medication.

Another study found that Actos could also increase the risk for developing macular edema, an eye disease that could lead to blindness.

Similar diabetes' medications have also been connected to these ailments. Avandia, which is manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, has also been shown to increase the risk for both bladder cancer and macular edema.