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On August 26, 2010, DePuy Orthopaedics Inc. announced its worldwide recall of ASR™ XL Acetabular Head System and DePuy ASR™ Hip Resurfacing systems. Since its introduction, DePuy Orthopedics has received a number of complaints regarding problems and complications associated with premature failure of the metal hip implants.

In fact, 1 in 8 patients can expect to undergo a second complicated and expensive replacement surgery within five years of receiving a DePuy ASR implant.  At this rate, over 11,000 people could eventually require a second hip replacement surgery due to the defects in this product and many more could require a second surgery after 5 years.   The 93,000 item recall effects twenty-nine models of the DePuy hip implant, including the ASR 100 and 300 acetabular implants in cup sizes ranging from 44mm to 70 mm.

Have you or a loved one had a hip replacement since 2003?

It is important to contact a personal injury attorney to preserve all of your rights. You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages and expensive procedures which you or a loved one may now require due to DePuy’s defective design of this implant and subsequent failure to remove their product from the market in a timely manner.  Goldberg & Osborne has the experience to guide you through the process of dealing with insurance companies and the manufacturer to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

ASR Hip Replacement System – The Problem

It appears that reports from Great Britain contributed to the recall. Data from the National Joint Registry of England and Wales, suggested that 13% of the ASR XL Acetabular systems had failed within 5 years. Most artificial hip joints will last for 10 to 20 years or longer, depending on such factors as your lifestyle and your weight.

DePuy was aware that a problem was developing before it issued its recall. In March 2010, the manufacturer sent an instructional mailing to surgeons with specific details on how to install the hip replacement at the correct angle, theorizing that one of the factors that appears to be contributing to accelerated wearing of the hip replacement is the fact that surgeons have not been implanting the hip replacement at the correct angle. Incorrect implantation can lead to unusual joint wear and may lead to metal on metal friction within the implant.

The Problem with Wear in a Hip Replacement

If this wear is occurring, and a patient goes about their daily activities, fine metal dust particles can be released into the surrounding soft tissue, which then reacts with inflammation and swelling, leading to pain.  Worse yet, the tissue damage caused by metal debris can compromise the surgeon’s ability to successfully revise the hip, potentially leading to lifelong debilitation and complications.

ASR Hip Replacement Failure – The Symptoms

If you experience any of the following symptoms, your hip replacement could be failing:

  • Unexplained hip pain
  • Pain in the entire leg (Common after a femoral neck fracture occurs.)
  • Lingering stiffness when you first rise in the morning.
  • Freezing up of the joint.
  • Popping sensations when you complete certain activities
  • Pulling behind the knee

You may not yet be experiencing any of these symptoms and Goldberg & Osborne recommends that you do not wait until these symptoms develop to take action. If you have a hip implant you should visit your physician immediately to find out if you have a DePuy implant and have a thorough evaluation to determine its condition.

We recommend that you also contact us today. It is as simple as filling out a convenient online form with the details of your hip replacement. Or call us at 1-800-THE-EAGLE (1-800-843-3245).

How to Identify Problems with the ASR Hip Replacement System

Any time you are experiencing problems after major surgery, such as a hip replacement, you should contact your physician immediately.  One way to identify if your DePuy hip replacement is failing is through X-rays. The hip may be damaged before you experience symptoms. Catching the failure before osteolysis occurs will improve your chances of a second successful hip replacement.

In order to protect yourself and your rights to any compensation, it is recommended that you receive regular evaluations to assess the state of your DePuy hip implant and document any new issues.

How to Find Out If You Have Had a DePuy ASR Hip Replacement

DePuy introduced the ASR™ XL Acetabular Head System products in July 2003. If you had your replacement before that date, you don’t need to worry. Otherwise, you need to contact your orthopedic surgeon to find out if he or she used the DePuy hip replacement system. If you cannot contact your surgeon, your primary care physician or the hospital where the surgery was performed may have the information in your medical records.  With a written authorization from you, Goldberg & Osborne can help you determine which device you have.

Goldberg & Osborne is a leading personal injury firm with attorneys experienced in a wide variety of cases including medical device failures.  We work with clients nationwide through our network of high-quality, experienced product liability attorneys.

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Act Promptly If You Have Had a DePuy Hip Replacement!

Your claim may involve more than DePuy is prepared to compensate you for.

It’s amazing how many people take chances by handling a complex legal claim themselves. You can avoid legal pitfalls which may negate your claim to full compensation by following the guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney.
Don’t delay. Your state’s statute of limitations is already ticking. Don’t wait until the last minute. Contact Goldberg & Osborne today. Our experienced attorneys will guide you through your DePuy Hip Replacement claims process. You deserve to get the best compensation possible for your injuries.

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