Dangerous Drugs Lawsuit Filed Against Darvocet Producer

Danerous drugs lawsuit filed against Darvocet producerThe manufacturer of the pain reliever drug Darvocet is facing a dangerous drug lawsuit in New Orleans from a woman who claims she took the drug and was not warned of its potentially harmful effects.

Linda Gallagher recently filed the lawsuit against Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals, which produces Darvocet, the Louisiana Record reports. Darvocet's main ingredient is the opioid pain reliever propoxyphene. Gallagher claims that the defendant violated the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and did not warn her and other users of the drug's hazards. She is represented by a dangerous drugs attorney and seeks compensatory damages, medical monitoring and to be compensated for legal fees, according to the news source.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently conducted a study of the efficacy and safety of the pain reliever propoxyphene. It found that even when taken at recommended dosages, the drug can pose significant health risks and can dangerously alter the electrical activity of the heart. In November, Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals agreed to withdraw Darvocet from the U.S. market at the FDA's request.