Customer Files Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Sporting Goods Store

Man files injury suit after being injured by box containing weight setsA Texas man recently filed a personal injury lawsuit against the sporting goods store Academy Sports & Outdoors, claiming he injured himself trying to lift a box inside the store that staff did not mark as being heavy. 

According to the Southeast Texas Record, Dr. Rafael Lugo claims he was browsing the gym flooring section of the store, which contained a selection of boxed flooring supplies, all allegedly weighing under five pounds. Several boxes in this section of the store allegedly contained 55-pound weight sets, but were not clearly marked as being more heavy, and allegedly appeared very similar to the light, flooring boxes. 

In his personal injury lawsuit, Lugo claims that he removed one such box from the shelf, and it fell to the ground because of its weight. Due to an instinctive response on the plaintiff's part, he extended an arm to prevent the fall of the box, and allegedly suffered a serious arm injury as a result.

The lawsuit claims that the Academy Sports & Outdoors had created a hazardous condition by storing the heavy boxes among the light ones without any markings to differentiate the two, the news source reports.

Lugo is represented by a personal injury attorney. He reportedly seeks monetary damages of an unspecified amount.