Couple Sues Landlord Over Bedbugs

Couple sues landlord over bedbugsThe owners and managers of an apartment complex in Hoover, Alabama, have been named as defendants in a personal injury suit that alleges they failed to address a bedbug problem.

Ashley Munrow and Viktor Warhola claim that the companies rented out the units at the Chateau Apartments despite knowing there was a bedbug infestation within them, according to the Birmingham News. 

Soon after moving in, the couple and their young daughter allegedly began to suffer from bedbug bites. They called an extermination company, but it failed to solve the problem, and has also been named as a defendant in the suit. After several complaints to the owners and managers of the complex, the bedbug problem was still not resolved, and the plaintiffs eventually stopped paying rent and were subsequently evicted and sued by the defendants.

According to the couple's personal injury attorney, they have since moved to Maine, but remain psychologically scarred by the bedbug incident, as they did not have health insurance to treat their injuries at the time. The suit seeks compensatory and punitive damages, as well as to have the defendants stop seeking back rent from the plaintiffs. 

There have been several other bedbug infestation-related personal injury lawsuits in recent months. As of January, three lawsuits had been filed against New York's iconic Waldorf Astoria hotel over bedbug bites, according to NBC New York.