Couple Files $2.1 Million Lawsuit Over Alleged Brain Herniation

Couple Files $2.1 Million Lawsuit Over Alleged Brain HerniationAn Illinois woman claims that numerous doctors and medical care institutions were negligent in treating her inner-ear infection and allowed it to progress and cause brain herniation.

According to the St. Clair Record, Patricia Fugate says she originally suffered from an inner-ear infection, and the first doctors she visited could have referred her to an ear physician known as an otolaryngologist to avoid the medical consequences that followed. Instead, the defendants failed to treat her inner-ear infection properly, her medical malpractice lawsuit says.

Fugate's inner ear infection eventually progressed to a brain infection and brain abcess, according to the suit. Another set of doctors and medical institutions named as defendants in the lawsuit are accused of failing to diagnose and treat this condition. As a result of the defendants' failure to treat and diagnose her inner-ear infection and then to treat and diagnose the brain infection that it progressed into, Fugate suffered a brain herniation, according to the medical malpractice lawsuit. According to the National Institutes of Health, brain herniation describes an emergency medical condition in which parts of the brain are moved from their usual positions in the skull due to pressure.

Fugate and her husband seek $2.1 million in damages, according to the news source.