Couple Awarded Largest Medical Malpractice Verdict in Connecticut History

A Connecticut family were awarded a $58 million medical malpractice settlement after a jury determined that their son's cerebral palsy was caused by birth injuries. A Connecticut couple were awarded a $58 million after a medical malpractice lawsuit determined that their baby was born with severe injuries that were preventable.

In the suit, Dominic and Cathy D'Attilo claim that Dr. Richard Viscarello and Maternal-Fetal Care are responsible for birth injuries that caused their son, now 8, to develop cerebral palsy. He is unable to speak, walk or eat by himself. The couple argued that Viscarello failed to deliver their son early, despite complication in the pregnancy. They also allege that when Viscarello finally did perform a C-section the surgery was done improperly, cutting oxygen off to their baby's brain and ultimately paralyzing him.

The D'Attilo's attorney said the verdict is the largest medical malpractice settlement awarded in state history.

"It's an overwhelming victory for the parents," their lawyer said. "He is profoundly, profoundly disabled and the parents have gone through hell."

A lawyer for Viscarello said he planned to appeal the decision.

Cerebral palsy refers to a number of neurological disorders that appear in infancy or early childhood that permanently affects body movement and muscle coordination, according to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. Although most people are born with the disorder, some children develop it as a result of early brain damage, infections or head injuries.