Construction Worker Sues Over Hypoxic Brain Injury

Construction worker sues over hypoxic brain injuryAn Iowa worker is suing a construction firm for creating a “serious hazard” that reportedly caused him to suffer a hypoxic brain injury and a broken pelvis.

Mark Kimbel was installing a sewer system in a home in 2006, the Quad-City Times reports. His personal injury lawsuit states that a skid loader owned by Alliance Concrete Construction was dangerously close to the trench Kimbel was working in. According to the lawsuit, the skid loader ran too close to the trench and caused one of its walls to collapse, trapping Kimbel inside. A coworker proceeded to attempt to dig Kimbel out. Paramedics soon arrived, finding Kimbel “unconscious and blue,” the coworker testified.

The clinical neuropsychologist who treated Kimbel testified that he suffered a hypoxic brain injury, which he claimed has limited his ability to get a job and created tension in his relationship with his wife, who is also a plaintiff in the personal injury lawsuit. Kimbel and his wife seek damages for lost wages and past and future medical expenses.

The defendant, Alliance Concrete Construction, reportedly denies claims made by the Kimbels’ personal injury lawsuit. The defendant has claimed that Kimbel was conscious and able to answer simple questions in the ambulance, and was able to give an account of the incident to hospital staff.