Construction Worker Sues Company Due To Falling Concrete

The worker alleged that he was working in a trench at the site when a large section of concrete broke off and fell into the trench.A Madison County, Illinois man has decided to pursue a lawsuit against his company following an incident that occurred while he was working, The Madison Record reported.

Billy V. Williams filed a lawsuit on August 4 in the Madison County Circuit Court against a company associated with his employer, Widman Construction Incorporated. There are several other defendents that were listed by the worker, as the construction project was at a significant site with several businesses operating out of the same area, according to the news source.

Williams was working as a pipefitter and welder for the California-based Fluor Constructors International at the time of the incident, which reportedly occurred in December 2009. The accident allegedly took place in the Wood River refinery, at the West Side Plant, reported the Record.

The worker alleged that he was working in a trench at the site when a large section of concrete broke off and fell into the trench. Williams claims that he was unable to escape the falling debris and it knocked him to the ground, the news source reported.

Williams is filing the suit with the accusations that the defendants were negligent in their handling of the work site and is asking for more than $400,000 in damages for medical expenses, lost wages and court costs, the Record reported.

A New Orleans, Louisiana man has also filed a personal injury lawsuit, as Cody Melancon has sought damages from the Gretna Police Department following an injury that was allegedly incurred during his arrest, The Times-Picayune reported.

The incident occurred when an officer allegedly set his canine on the young man who had been pursued by the Police after they received a call relating to when Melancon broke into another home, charges that he has refuted, according to the news source.

Local police responded to the call, and then allegedly placed the suspect on the ground and let their canine loose on the young man. Melancon was bitten several times, and he sustained significant injuries from the incident, the lawsuit claims. Some of the alleged injuries include a urethra tear, loss of feeling to the genital region, a partially severed penis and a complete loss of sexual function, The Times-Picayune reported.

Melancon filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in New Orleans, and he is seeking up to $31 million for the medical expenses, lawyer fees and punitive damages that were incurred due to the incident, reported the newspaper.

The officers who were present for the incident do not deny that the canine bit Melancon, but they have disputed the specific circumstances under which it occurred, according to the news source.

A military veteran has also filed a personal injury lawsuit following an incident that occurred in 2010, as a Santa Ana, California mechanic has been sued for allegedly setting the man on fire, The Orange County Register reported.

Ruben Sandoval claims he suffered third-degree burns over more than 15 percent of his body, specifically his hands and face, allegedly from the incident. Due to these alleged injuries he has filed a suit against Hector Medina and his employer, Firestone Complete Auto Care, for negligence, intentional tort and negligent infliction of emotional distress, reported the news source.

"His physical pain, scars and emotional distress caused in the incident will be with him for the remainder of his life," the lawsuit detailed.

Sandoval has paid more than $1.5 million in medical expenses, and has sought damages for these and the emotional pain that was allegedly caused by the burns, according to the Register.