Connecticut Car Accident Injures 7

Connecticut Car Accident Injures 7A recent violent automobile collision in Bridgeport, Connecticut, has left seven people injured, including two critically, WTNH reports.

A vehicle was reportedly speeding in the area of Fairfield and Wordin Avenues when it collided with other cars and eventually rolled over. Passengers were ejected, as was a case of beer, allegedly.

One of the first people on the scene, Gary Bennett, said he saw one man with his head open and blood everywhere. Another witness, Angelita Rivera, said a little boy emerged from one of the vehicles and ran to get help. Neighbors told the news source that the impact could be heard blocks away.

An accident reconstruction team arrived at the site of the crash to help piece together what might have happened. Police will investigate every possible angle in the crash and will look into whether speed, alcohol or a defective vehicle may have been to blame.

Area residents told the news provider that the speeding vehicles are not an unusual sight on the street, and many times cars are seen speeding excessively or even drag racing.

According to the Hartford Courant, the accident was a four-car collision and it occurred shortly before 5 p.m. A portion of the road was closed to traffic following the accident.

Bridgeport is no stranger to violent car accidents. The Connecticut Post reports that just a few days after the Fairfield Avenue collision, a vehicle collided with another car, fled and struck two more vehicles, leaving one man dead and a woman injured.

Police officers recently found Luis Caraballo and Alicia Perez of Lowell, Massachusetts, injured on Pine Street just before 1 a.m. The pair was transported to St. Vincent's Medical Center, but Caraballo was pronounced dead shortly after arrival.

The vehicle containing Caraballo and Perez was just the first in the driving criminal's evening. After striking their vehicle, the driver allegedly fled to the highway where the car collided with another car. The driver then reportedly exited the highway and hit a third car at the intersection of Connecticut and Hollister Avenues.

After the rash of collisions, including one on Interstate 95, the car was found abandoned a few blocks away. No arrests have been made.

To help reduce some risk of car accidents, Connecticut has a distracted driving law in place that bans those operating motor vehicles from engaging in any activity not related to the operation of the car, such as talking on a cell phone or texting, according to the Connecticut Department of Transportation.