City of Tucson Settles Personal Injury Lawsuit for $675,000

A poorly designed intersection prompted an accident that caused a girl's brain injury, her injury lawyer said.The city of Tucson recently settled a lawsuit with a former student who was reportedly injured when she was studying at a state-funded university.

The settlement is related to a lawsuit filed by a personal injury attorney on behalf of Cora Crecelius, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

Crecelius was a first year law student studying at the University of Arizona, according to officials. On September 20, 2009, Crecelius was allegedly riding her bike on East Mitchell Street as she made her way toward North Mountain Avenue. During her bike ride, a van turning left at the intersection of Mitchell and North Fremont Avenue is reported to have struck Crecelius.

Crecelius’ injury lawyer claimed she suffered a brain injury as a result of the incident. The intersection where she was hit by the vehicle is an atypical intersection designed in the 1930s, with the roads coming together at an acute angle. Crecelius’s injury attorney argued the city was at fault because of the road design.

After deliberations, the Tucson City Council voted on Tuesday to settle the lawsuit for $675,000, which was less than the original claim of $4 million.