Cheerleader’s Family Sues Over Broken Arm

Cheerleader's Family Sues Over Broken Arm  The family of a Connecticut cheerleader who broke her arm during practice claims that the maneuver she was asked to perform was beyond her capabilities, and holds the coach and youth football league responsible.

The personal injury lawsuit states that Sara Goldring, 12, was at cheerleading practice in 2009 when she was tossed by her teammates into the air as part of a cheerleading move called the "bucket toss," the Connecticut Post reports. The move was not successfully completed and she fell to the ground, breaking her right elbow and arm, the lawsuit states. 

According to the family's personal injury attorney, the fracture was particularly severe, and resulted in a permanent disability for the girl, as her arm is allegedly permanently stuck at an angle. 

"Kids Sara's age think they are invincible and it was up to her coach to ensure she had a safe environment during practice," the personal injury attorney said. "I don't think they should eliminate cheerleading, just the danger to children Sara's age." 

In addition to coach Brenda Ricco, Wilton Youth Football is named as a defendant in the suit.

A bucket or basket toss is a cheerleading stunt in which several people form a platform with their hands and arms on which a cheerleader stands. They then toss their teammate into the air, and while airborne, the flyer usually performs some trick before landing back in his or her teammates' arms.