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Have you or a loved one been injured because of the actions of another?  If so, you may have a legal case and be entitled to monetary compensation. The experienced Chandler personal injury lawyers at Goldberg & Osborne have been fighting personal injury cases throughout the state of Arizona for over 20 years.

The lawyers of Goldberg & Osborne have handled personal injury cases ranging from car accident whiplash to cerebral palsy birth injuries. We understand the pain and frustration felt by injury victims. If you have experienced a personal injury, catastrophic injury or wrongful death, aircraft injury or malpractice, brain injury or an auto accident, or any other incident in the work place or construction site, we can defend you. Our experienced attorneys will aggressively pursue compensation for your injuries which could help pay medical bills, damages, or make up for lost wages.

Why Goldberg & Osborne?

The lawyers of Goldberg & Osborne have been fighting personal injury cases in Arizona since 1989. Our firm has recovered well over 2 billion dollars for our clients.

We strongly advise you to contact a lawyer before you speak with your insurance company. Many people think that their insurance company puts them first. However, insurance companies often settle for less than the client would have recovered had he or she been represented by a lawyer. The insurance companies may try calling and e-mailing frequently, asking for a statement. This statement will be recorded so that they can use it to avoid paying their insurance claim.

The insurance company’s goal is pay as little as possible. Some insurance companies even hire claims adjusters to avoid paying claims. On the other hand, an experienced attorney will vigorously defend your rights and attempt to negotiate the highest compensation possible for your injuries. At Goldberg & Osborne, we will handle your case so that you can focus on making a full recovery: emotionally, physically and financially.

Chandler Personal Injury Lawyer Advantage

Our offices are based right out of Arizona. Our lawyers are extremely familiar with Arizona’s legal system. We know how to represent your personal injury claim in an Arizona courtroom. With lawyers right in your community, you will receive ample attention and individual care.


Our lawyers have seen many personal injury cases. We have seen the victims and their families struggle to recover from the emotional, physical and financial impact an injury causes. The lawyers at our firm have sympathy and understanding for the extremely difficult situations our clients face. That’s why we are dedicated to taking that weight off of your shoulders and making the process as easy as possible for you. We promise to take you through every step, keeping you informed all along the way.


This office is located on the northwest side of Crossroads Towne Center, facing Gilbert Rd. and just behind the Chick-Fil-A fast food restaurant. Parking and handicap access is available. The address is:

Goldberg & Osborne
2880 E Germann Rd #11
Chandler, AZ 85286
(480) 795-5500

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If you want to pursue your case, you must act now! In the State of Arizona, there is a period of time in which you may file a lawsuit or you will be unable to seek compensation. It is urgent that you contact a Chandler personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Therefore, we encourage you to contact the Chandler offices of Goldberg & Osborne today. Simply call 1-800-THE-EAGLE (1-800-843-3245) or fill out our online case form for your free, no obligation evaluation. We work at no cost until we win your case!

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