Car Accident Lawsuit Over Teenage Girl’s Death is Settled

Parents settle car accident lawsuit over death of teenage daughterA car accident lawsuit initiated by the parents of a girl who perished in a crash was recently settled for $50,000.

According to the Joplin Globe, the car accident took place in 2006, when Hannah Smallwood, the daughter of the plaintiffs, allegedly entered a car that Jarub R. Baird was driving.

Baird, then 17, allegedly proceeded to drive at an excessive speed, veer off the road and crash against several obstacles before coming to a stop.

Smallwood was reportedly not wearing her seat belt and sitting in the back seat. During the deceleration of the car, she was thrown through the windshield and died at the scene. The news source reported that another passenger suffered a brain injury, a broken femur and several other broken bones.

Baird, who suffered only minor injuries, was witnessed acting unconcerned about the injuries of the passengers and calling a friend at the scene to boast about the crash. He was convicted of second-degree involuntary manslaughter and second-degree assault, according to the news source.

The parents of Smallwood were paid the settlement by the insurance company that had been insuring Baird.