Car Accident Lawsuit May Hinge on Teen’s Speed

Car accident lawsuit may hinge on driver's speedA car accident lawsuit in South Dakota involving a teen that was hit and killed by a sanitation services truck recently took a turn as the speed of the teen at the time of the accident was hotly debated by various parties to the case.

The Holznagel family filed a lawsuit against Dependable Sanitation and its former employee and driver of the truck in the accident, John Cutsinger, for at least $15,000 in damages, according to the Daily Republic.

The case has taken a turn recently as a witness for the defense used a mathematical formula to claim that Holznagel was traveling at 41 miles per hour at the time of the crash, the news provider reports. 

The witness claimed that the speed limit on the stretch of road on which the crash occurred was 25 miles per hour, and Holznagel's elevated speed made the accident more likely.

Another witness, David Daubert, questioned the validity of the algorithm and claimed that the vehicle would have sustained far more structural damage if it was moving at 41 miles an hour at the time of the crash. By Daubert's estimations, Holznagel was driving at the speed limit. 

The defense attorney attempted to have Daubert's testimony stricken from the record, but the judge denied this motion, according to the news source.