California Woman Sues Over Allegedly Botched IV Insertion

Woman sues over allegedly botched IV insertionA California woman recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a hospital and a nurse, claiming that the defendants botched an IV insertion procedure that left her with injuries.

Linda Miller claims that defendants Beverly Wade, R.N., the Patients Medical Center and the Patients Medical Center Hospital are responsible for injuries she sustained at the hospital when she was admitted for pain in the jaw and right side, according to Ultimate Pasadena.

She claims Wade botched the insertion of an 18-gauge IV into her left wrist, causing swelling that required surgical correction. As a result of the allegedly botched insertion and the fasciotomy required to relieve pressure and swelling following the insertion, Miller claims she sustained injuries.

The medical malpractice lawsuit states that the defendants breached their duty of care to Miller. She is represented by a medical malpractice attorney, and seeks damages for medical expenses and past and future physical and mental suffering.

According to the Encyclopedia of Surgery, a fasciotomy involves cutting or removing the fascia, a thin connective tissue separating organs and muscles in the body, to relieve pressure.