Boston Hospital Sued Over Blood Thinner Overdose

Boston Hospital Sued Over Blood Thinner OverdoseMassachusetts General Hospital (MGH), five of its doctors and two of its nurses have been named as defendants in a medical malpractice lawsuit that claims a dosing error ended a woman's life.

Geraldine Oswald was hospitalized at the facility after developing an infection after breaking her arm, according to the Boston Globe. Her medical records reportedly show that she was supposed to be given the blood thinner Lepirudin to prevent clotting during her stay, but the medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that a nurse botched the dosing and gave her 30 times the appropriate amount. According to Oswald's death certificate, she bled internally for 12 hours before dying.

MGH has reportedly acknowledged the error as having been preventable, voiced its regret over the mistake and its consequences and claimed to have enacted new dosing guidelines for staff.

The family's medical malpractice attorney said he is hopeful about the hospital's promise to enact new policy, but added that he has no evidence of it and that a policy change "won't bring Geraldine Oswald back."

Lepirudin is an anti-coagulant used to prevent clots in patients taking medicines that increase their risk of clots and in patients who have bleeding disorders, according to the Mayo Clinic.