AZDOT Studies Safety of Highway Corridor

AZDOT Studies Safety of Highway CorridorThe Arizona Department of Transportation recently announced it is planning to begin a series of traffic safety studies along a stretch of highway, with the results of the studies expected to be announced by summer, an AZDOT spokesman stated.

According to the Southeast Arizona Traveler, AZDOT will use assistance and data from the City of Sierra Vista to conduct two separate studies of Highway 90, from the intersection with Highway 92 to the west and Avenida Del Sol to the east, spokesman C.T Revere stated.

One of the studies being performed will focus specifically on the lighting that is used on the roadway, while the other study, deemed a "roadway safety assessment," will be a more comprehensive look at the highway's safety.

"The AZDOT Traffic Safety Section is gathering and reviewing crash data, including incidents involving vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, what time of day incidents have occurred and if there are demographic trends in these accidents, as well as looking at data on traffic volume and vehicle speeds," Revere said.

The department conducts between 15 and 20 of these studies every year, often at the request of the local government, the news source stated. AZDOT workers will work on-site at the road to thoroughly examine several things, such as traffic patterns during the morning and evening commutes, in an attempt to "get a handle on the mechanics of that particular roadway," he said.

Once the study is completed, the inspectors will make a recommendation for any potential projects that would be needed to address safety concerns, which traditionally have included anything from more law enforcement presence to pedestrian-focused safety training programs.

If any issues are uncovered during the initial study, further studies may be commissioned to develop solutions to the safety problems, the media outlet stated.

The studies began in early January and will continue through June. In the past, the studies have led to major safety improvements on the road, including a recommendation to build a six-inch curbed median that will stretch from just north of Canyon de Flores to just south of Glenn Road and Kachina Trail.

AZDOT statistics show that a total of 106,177 car accidents occurred throughout the state in 2010. These crashes led to the deaths of 762 people in 698 fatal crashes, while an additional 33,195 crashes resulted in injuries.